Cricket Mania soon to be replaced by Football Mania?

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Published on: May 27, 2018

Seems like there’s never a bad time for cricket! Nowadays there is hardly any real off-season for the sport.

Seems like there’s never a bad time for cricket! Nowadays there is hardly any real off-season for the sport. Somewhere or the other some game or the other is afoot. Either one country is touring another, or one tournament is winding up as another begins!

For cricket lovers the world over this has come as a true bonanza of the sport they love so much. But as IPL comes to its closing stages, another major sporting event is just around the corner. And it has its dedicated set of fans too. Millions of them! In fact, some of the best cricket lovers are great enthusiasts of this sport too. And the sport we are talking of? Football of course!

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is just a few weeks away. And fans are already gearing up for it. Some of this crazy enthusiasm can be felt around the betting tables. Physical as well as virtual. Speculation and odds are being widely debated about already, even before the first game has kicked off. A few sites have already started rolling out great betting offers that you can use to cash in on the craze, allowing you to make smart, strategic bets based on your knowledge of the game but without putting down too much money before you get the hang of the ins and outs of sports betting. And things will only heat up as the day comes closer and closer. Some of the signs are already around us if you care to look closely.

Changing conversations

The talk is shifting. More and more you can hear names of footballers cropping up in the midst of sport conversations. Famous cricketers are now sharing mind space with famous footballers. Something that was true earlier for only the hardcore football follower has slowly become true for someone with a teeny-weeny interest in the sport too. If you are feeling left out, a little reading up can keep you updated on all the latest goings-on.

It’s good to stay on top of these conversations as many a bet you place will be dependent on the state some of the best players are in. Like it might be a bad bet to place money on a team whose star players are going through an injury phase. Remember information often hides in the garb of conversation.

The Jersey Wars

At about this time you will also see a lot more popularity of the football team jerseys of the various participating countries. These will jostle for space with cricket jerseys at the sports shops and a keen audience they will have. Gone will soon be the monopoly of the cricket jerseys. And you will see football jerseys crop up in some of the most unexpected of places.

Live is in

The great advantages of live betting will be taken forward to encompass the world of the football World Cup too. And a sizeable portion of the people will be following the games ardently to make the most of the in-game opportunities. But take note, if you are planning to travel to Russia’s pubs to catch the atmosphere. There are reports that the authorities are planning an alcohol ban on match days to keep things cool. May we suggest you follow the matches on the telly in your favourite pubs near home with your mates and place in a few bets from right there.

Whatever the case, the world of cricket will certainly not be totally enveloped by the football craze. It will simply find enough space for both to co-exist together.

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