Fixture Calendar – Cricket Schedules, Tickets, News and More at your Fingertips

Published on: Aug 24, 2022

This year’s cricket season is in full swing with exciting action taking place around the world. Different time zones, disciplines and a multitude of different competitions - the Hundred, Fairbreak Invitational, IPL, Big Bash, Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy as well as International matchups - can make it very difficult to follow cricket. This is where Fixture Calendar comes in.

Fixture Calendar helps to make cricket along with over 70 other sports, simple and easy to follow. The site provides sports and cricket fans with extensive, searchable and time zone accurate fixture information - making sure you don’t miss so much as the first wicket of any game all season.

As well as providing detailed and accurate schedule information, Fixture Calendar provides sports fans with fixture specific links to tickets, travel, news and more - making sure you get the most out of the season. Using the site is easy and more importantly completely free.

The website also writes weekly and monthly guides to the biggest events coming up. Struggle to find sport to watch or to remember what matches are on when? Then these guides are for you. Check out their website to discover weekly run downs of the world’s top sport or sign up here to receive monthly summaries of the sporting events you don’t want to miss straight to your inbox.

Get on top of the season and make sure you don’t miss a second of your favourite team’s matches.