Cricketers who Have Endorsed Gambling Brands

Published on: Sep 20, 2022

Cricket has been developing very fast in many leagues recently. Big investors are pouring in money to help this area grow, become unique and perform well, both on the field and among fans. Like any other sport, cricket, the teams formed there and the companies that invest in it are also involved in sports betting

Moreover, some sportsmen play a major role in the gambling industry, offering a lot to the market. Online casino platforms choose one popular cricketer to be their global brand ambassador. Such cooperation has a positive effect both on the people who represent the betting company and on gambling sites that receive a large reach among the audience. Let's take a closer look at these cases together.

Brett Lee and

Let’s begin with a story about one of the best cricketers in Australia. Brett Lee has achieved a lot in his career. The player is recognized as one of the fastest bowlers in the world. He used to play for a team that was able to win the Cricket World Cup back in 2003. Brett's interest didn't end there.

After retiring, Lee joined the team to glorify cricket in the betting industry. It is noteworthy that the company is engaged in different areas, such as online casinos where you have the opportunity to bet on sports and win real money. The provider is the leading company in Australia in its niche and is highly praised in the reviews of the top online Australian casino in the region. The platform provides a lot of advantages: excellent bonuses, low deposits and fast payouts, which guarantees the client that he will immediately receive what he has earned.

Brendon McCullum and Mostbet

This athlete is one of the best cricket players from New Zealand. Brendon showed excellent results and was the captain of his team for many years. He grew up in a family of cricketers. McCullum has set numerous records in Twenty20 international tournaments. The player is also known for his endorsement of the gaming brand.

Last year, the former league player McCullum and the well-known betting platform entered a cooperation agreement. The cricketer has become the face of Mostbet marketing campaign. In addition to online betting, this site has an online casino, which has all the best qualities of the gaming space. They follow the latest casino industry trends, and you will have a real opportunity to compete for real money. Only the best betting brands have so many options for the user in their arsenal. The players have a chance to get fast payouts, welcome bonuses and much more with Mostbet, which makes it even more appealing to play in the casino.

Virender Sehwag and ComeOn

This athlete is for sure familiar to the Indian sports audience. Virender Sehwag is remembered for his leadership qualities, devastating batting power, and successful international career. ComeOn, which specializes in online gambling and has a casino in its portfolio, has entered into a cooperation agreement with this player from the Indian cricket community.

Virender Sehwag has endorsed this particular website as they show strong performance in India. For those who want to feel the excitement of gambling, ComeOn offers a live casino, slots, video poker, bingo, and many different games. Here you can get such advantages as minimum deposits to start your gaming journey and fast payouts because the platform has a quick payment speed.

You can enter a game even without your own investments, thanks to the company's welcome bonuses.

Shane Warne and DafaBet

Warne is one of the best Australian cricketers who has been leading the national team for many years. This athlete achieved the best results in different categories and was also chosen by experts as the winner in various cricket nominations. Such a bright career helped Shane Warne become a DafaBet brand ambassador, which occupies not the last place in cricket betting.

In addition to online betting, this site has an online casino that is convenient to play both on the computer and the phone. The platform is considered the fastest payout online casino Canada. Also, Dafabet, as a betting provider, offers a bonus for new customers of up to 50% or 150% of the deposit. Such opportunities guarantee you to win real money without having to invest your own funds to get started. And then, receive a fast payout to your wallet. It is very simple and convenient

Kevin Pietersen and Betway

This athlete is a cricket super talent. Kevin gained popularity and made an impression not only on the field but also in newspapers, where experts praised him for his excellent achievements in sports League. Moreover, in 2009 he became the highest-paid cricketer, which underlines the importance of the athlete to the team. After that, he started a partnership with many well-known brands and gaming companies.

Betway is an active sponsor of cricket, so one of the company's ambassadors is Kevin Pietersen. It is not surprising that a strong corporation chooses the leader on the field as the face of the brand. Betway provides excellent opportunities: slot machines, sports betting, and gambling. Also, you can find an online casino there. You are guaranteed to receive welcome bonuses, many slot machines, low deposits and fast payouts together with Betway.

Wrapping Up

Summing up the article, you can see that today cricket, as well as its players, are actively involved in the sports betting industry. Many famous personalities also support and promote betting brands. This makes it possible to unite the betting market, online gambling, and the cricket premier league in various directions. Sports events are an excellent way to advertise and promote the casino with gaming companies. Different players, such as Brett Lee and Virender Sehwag, are endorsing companies that deal with online casinos and other gambling games.

Not every sportsman can become an official partner. Online sports betting platforms choose the ones with the most terrific reputation and outstanding careers in cricket. This striving for excellence can be seen not only in the choice of brand representative, but also in the desire to satisfy every client. You will find many interesting things on any of those sites: bonuses, free spins, low deposits, and fast payouts.