Esports Betting Glossary: Understanding the Terminology

Published on: Nov 21, 2023

Venturing into the esports betting arena? It feels like deciphering alien chatter at first, with words and terms that seem straight out of a space odyssey. But hold on! We're about to make you as savvy with these terms as a gamer on a kill streak!

Okay, let's paint a picture. Jumping into esports industry and betting on it is like giving a whirl to that brand-new video game – thrilling and a tad overwhelming, but it's all smooth sailing once you catch the drift.

And just like in any game, understanding the controls is the trick, right? Well, think of this glossary as the cheat sheet to your virtual joystick, setting you up for some pro-level action!

Your Go-To Esports Betting Dictionary

Don't worry if you're scratching your head over some of these terms. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be throwing around these words like a seasoned gamer in no time!

Accumulator (Acca) A bet on multiple events, all must win for bet success Bet on Team A, B, and C winning
All-in Bet your entire bankroll on a single event or outcome Going all-in with $100 on Team A
Bet slip Document showing all bets placed Your bet slip lists 3 matches
Draw Bet on a match ending with no winner Betting on a 1-1 score
Handicap Bet on a match where a team gets a head start or disadvantage Betting on Team A with a -2 handicap.
In-play betting Betting while the esports match is ongoing Betting on Team B mid-match
Moneyline Bet on the match's winner Moneyline bet on Team A winning
Over/Under (O/U) Bet on total points/kills/etc. exceeding or falling below a set number Betting over 5 goals in a match
Parlay Another term for an accumulator bet A parlay of bets on Team A, B, C
Odds Probability of an event occurring, shown as a ratio Odds of 2:1 on Team A
Outright bet Bet on the tournament's overall winner Outright bet on Team B for the league
Prop bet Bet on specific in-match events or occurrences Betting on Player X scoring first
Rollover requirement Times you must bet the bonus before withdrawing winnings 5x rollover on a $20 bonus
Stake Amount of money placed on an event or outcome Placing a stake of $10 on Team C
Sure bet A bet guaranteed to profit irrespective of the event's outcome Betting on all possible outcomes
Underdog Team/player less likely to win Team B is the underdog
Value bet Odds are in your favor, indicating a better win chance than perceived by the bookmaker Value bet on Team C at 5:1

Embarking on the esports betting journey can feel like leveling up in a video game. You're met with a rush of thrill, a sprinkle of uncertainty, and, yes, a smidge of nervousness about the unfamiliar lingo.

But with this handy glossary by your side, it's akin to getting a grip on a new game's mechanics.

Keep in mind, as with any gaming realm, armed with the right knowledge and a tad bit of patience, you'll be navigating like a pro in no time.

Golden Rules in the Esports Betting World

These are the ABCs from 24betting experts team, the foundation stones if you will. Keep them in mind, and you'll be on your way to mastering the game.

  • Research is Key: Dive deep. Understand each term and what it means for your bet
  • Community Connect: Engage with fellow gamers or punters. Experience is a great teacher
  • Remember the Fun Factor: Betting is a mix of skill, strategy, and a dash of good old luck
  • Stay in the Loop: Esports is a rapidly changing sphere. Be updated about the latest trends and shifts
  • Play it Cool: Know your limits. Sometimes, it's essential to step back and regroup

And there you have it, hotshot! You're now equipped with the basics to navigate the thrilling arena of esports betting. Remember, every master started as a rookie. Use this handy guide as your north star, keep your wits about you, and here's to you making some stellar moves. Game on and bet smart!