T20 Cricket World Cup could be expanded to 20 ...

T20 Cricket World Cup could be expanded to 20 teams

Published on: May 20, 2021

Short-form cricket has been identified by the International Cricket Council as a way for the sport to grow around the world. The ICC is putting a lot of cricket’s future growth into T20 and other short forms of the game. In an attempt to make cricket more globally appealing, the ICC could expand the T20 Cricket World Cup to 20 teams. The hope is that the expansion to 20 teams would increase viewer interest and player participation in the game. The T20 World Cup is just around the corner and fans are debating which nation will win the tournament. Punters can visit bettingbonuscodes.in to get the latest information on the matches, teams, and players appearing at the World Cup in October.

The delayed T20 World Cup tournament 2020 – which will be played in October – will feature just 16 teams with plans for the 2024 competition to be expanded to 20 nations. The expanded tournament would feature four groups of five teams competing in the opening phase with the top sides in each group moving on to the next round.

T20 has been seen as cricket’s main format to drive the game forward and expand further around the globe. It isn’t just the T20 World Cup that is likely to see an expansion, however. The ICC wants to expand other formats as well. The 50-over World Cup is likely to expand to 14 teams from the previous 10. The tournament had featured 14 teams at one time previously before being cut down to 10. There is also hope that the ICC will be more open to participating in the Olympics. There may even be a return for the Intercontinental Cup down the line.

Cricket's return to the Olympics could see a short-form version of it played. Participation at the Summer Games would offer the ICC financial support. It would also put cricket in front of millions of people who may have never watched a match previously. Due to the traditions and the traditionalists in decision-making positions at the ICC, cricket has been slow to adapt to modern times. With the chances of returning to the Olympics and more short-form cricket being played, it shows a change of mentality in high places.

Cricket could appear in the Olympics as soon as the 2032 edition of the event. Currently, the format remains to be decided, but it could play T20 thanks to its fast-pace and marketability for growth. Some experts are calling for the ICC to investigate T10 cricket to be used in the Olympics. The T10 format, like T20, would allow for a number of matches to be played in a short timeframe

The T20 Cricket World Cup will begin in October and conclude in November. The tournament is expected to be played in India, but due to the current COVID-19 rates in the country, the competition is under threat. The ICC is already considering moving the tournament to the United Arab Emirates if the second wave of COVID-19 in India doesn’t slow down.