Ekbet Chess

Published on: Jan 06, 2023

The Ekbet casino's gambling hall is full of original and colorful games. They all feature high-quality sound, graphics, and generous bonuses. Each product has convenient gameplay and initial filling.

All games in this section are from the best developers in the world of gambling today: Jili and Playtech. All of them have a license, confirming guaranteed payouts and fair games.

The unique chess category compiles all the various games of famous Ekbet providers:

Name Number of games
Jili 21
Playtech 32

Jili at Ekbet Casino

Since 2015, Jili has entered the Asian market. It is a creative studio that combines research and development, production, and sales of casino software products. Jili games are known for their exquisite design, superior quality, and innovative features.

Jili offers players from all over the world the most modern games for endless entertainment and communication. It also provides the best mobile games with great storylines, stunning sound effects, and gorgeous animations.

Jili Top Game: Rummy

One of the most well-known card games is still Rummy. The "traditional Indian multiplayer poker, featuring thrilling matches against your opponents" is the main game feature. This unique form of Indian poker allows you to make 13 hands in a specific combination.

Each participant receives a predetermined number of cards from the regular 52 ones, numerous decks, or customized cards designed just for that game. Each player gets ten Rummy cards, which are often played by two, three, or four players. And each participant in a five-person Rummy game has six cards in hands.

Also, customers of ekbet.app website often chooses the following games for their more exciting time spending:

  • 7up7down
  • AK47
  • Dragon & Tiger
  • Lucky Number
  • Super Bingo

Virtual games with such an organization of gameplay are rare. Users treat them with caution, but the maximum winnings inspire them.

Playtech at Ekbet Casino

Playtech is the world's largest provider of online gambling software, offering advanced solutions to leading industry operators. Since its inception in 1999, Playtech's approach has been focused on the ongoing development of best-in-class gaming products and content.

Playtech Top Game: 101 Roulette

101 Roulette invites you to forget the slots for a while and play roulette, the most popular gambling game in the world. You must decide on your stake before the game starts. Chips are available in different values ranging from 1 to 100. Also, you may choose the necessary quantity of chips and move them to the selected area.

The ball's final position must be predicted. After placing your bet, you must hit the "Spin" button to get the wheel to begin rotating. The wheel will eventually come to a stop, revealing the winning number. If you win, your money gift will be given to you right away.

After having fun and winning at 101 Roulette game, you can pay attention to the following options from Playtech:

  • 3 Card Brags
  • 7 e mezzo
  • Baccarat
  • Hi Lo Premium
  • Caribbean Stud Poker

Some games you know well, and some you can discover as a new type of entertainment at Ekbet online casino, trying them every day.

Play at Ekbet Online Casino

Fast payouts, big bonuses, and an extensive collection of games are only worth something if an online casino has a reputation as a reliable institution. And you should know that Ekbet online casino is one of India's best and most reliable platforms.