What are the factors in cricket betting tips?

What are the factors in cricket betting tips?

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Published on: Nov 08, 2019

Many arguments prove that cricket is the most celebrated game in India.

If we talk about the world, cricket is the second most popular game with 2.4 billion fans after Football. No wonder why bookies look at this game to fill their pockets. More and more bookies are starting to trade in the betting world.

If you are a regular cricket watcher you know you always have predictions before the match, if your predictions are mostly correct, you can get in touch with a bookie and use your knowledge to earn money. For those who are new to betting can learn the factors to earn through betting. Here are the most important factors considered while betting for a successful and profitable bet.


The cricket matchday weather has a lot of influence on the game. The game can even get cancelled. The swing in the ball or how the pitch will respond to the batsman, how good the team was in such conditions in the previous matches, all depend on the weather. So, don’t underestimate the weather conditions of the matchday.

Team & Form

Cricket betting tips number 2, check the team form. Team news tells you whether the captain has decided to play more batsmen or the bowlers. See the performance of the players against the players of the other team like how a particular batsman performs against the bowler of the other team and vice versa. You also get to know which player is injured or playing for the first time in the tournament. If the team is deliberately not playing with its best 11, that means they can skip winning this match as they are already through to the next round and giving rest to the key players.

Home/Away Advantage

The home crowd plays a huge role in motivating their home team. This can bring down the confidence of players of the other team. See the winning percentage of both the teams in home/away games.

Head to Head Clashes

All the information and statistics are available online. See which team has more chances to win in that particular format and with that particular team. The past winning records will put offer some valuable insights and may prove to be one of the most important cricket betting tips


We have ODIs (One Day Internationals), T20s (Twenty-Twenty cricket), and test matches. Some players shine in T20s but are not so good in the test format and vice versa. Look around for the format of the day to filter out your results. The ICC player rankings information will help your chances of winning the bet.

When you have all the factors covered, you can bet on any of the following types of bets

· Top batsmen

· Match winner

· Winning Team

· Total sixes

· Total fours

· Top Bowler

· Man of the Match

· Highest individual score

And others

Value Betting

In simple terms, a value bet is a bet where the probability of winning for one team is greater than the other team. Placing bets on the chances that have a large probability to happen is value betting.

If you keep on betting on value bets, you will have more chances to win more money in the long run.

By studying the betting factors before the game and setting your bet, you have more chances to find the value bet. This is not based on emotions or favoritism. It is statistic based.

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