Top 5 Cricket Players Likely to Dominate the Pitch ...

Top 5 Cricket Players Likely to Dominate the Pitch in 2021

Published on: Feb 12, 2021

Are you a sporting fan? Which games do you mostly follow; cricket, soccer, hockey, rugby, or athletics? Or are you a virtual gaming maniac that enjoys spending your free time on online casino such as the Lucky Nugget platform? Do you like spinning the Wheel of Wishers or play Mega Moolah? It is healthy to choose a game that interests you. Games such as cricket have a massive following in India. Cricket is an adored game in India, and many upcoming cricket players and fans look up to players that show prowess in the game. Check out these five cricket players that are likely to dominate the pitch in 2021.

Will Pucovski

Will, a budding Australian player, made his international debut for his country, and he is likely to display a splendid performance in 2021. Punters have branded him the opulent future of cricket in Australia. He put an impressive score of 62 in his Test match justified his reasons to partner with David Warner. Pucovski’s performance is likely to earn him a permanent slot in Australia’s first team, propelling him to the list of top cricket players to watch in 2021.

Dom Sibley

Dom is a classic England player whose passion for batting as long as it takes makes him a one-of-his kind player for the team. He is the solution talent that the England cricket team has been searching for many years, a player that combines passion and hard work to display the best performance. Since his first appearance for England in 2019, Sibley has been in top form delivering two victory-match hundreds. Despite the criticisms that have trolled his technique, the prowess that Sibley has displayed is something to reckon with. Sibley’s talent will go a notch higher as England embarks on the Sub-continent conditions campaign in 2021.

Nicholas Pooran

Nicholas Pooran’s excellent hand-eye coordination and smashing ball ability in any direction of the park renders him an immediate threat to his opponents. He never disappoints whenever he is in the park, as he seems to make every move with perfection. The T20 has a plethora of opportunities, including the T20 World Cup and IPL for Nicholas Pooran. Despite West Indies having a jam-packed and lethal middle-lower order, it is worth looking forward to seeing Pooran battling with seniors.

Kyle Jamieson

Jamieson has bagged 36 Test wickets from 6 Test matches. Also, he boasts of four-wicket hauls earmarking him as a crucial talent for his New Zealand team. His lustrous debut for the national team earned him a reputation in his country and the rest of the globe. He is a player to watch in 2021.

Shaheen Afridi

The six feet tall left-arm Pakistan fast bowler is a unique player. Among the best cricket players globally, Afridi is also rising to become the best player that cricket game has ever produced. His bowling ability and swift variations make him an enviable talent to the national team and threaten his opponents. His team’s success in 2021 depends on his impressive performance, putting a lot of pressure on him. Afridi’s performance in 2020 makes him a talent to watch in 2021.