Sri Lanka vs New Zealand 13th Match at Pallekele, 27 Sep, 2012

Toss: New Zealand, who choose to bat first
New Zealand 174/7 (20)
Sri Lanka 174/6 (20)
Match tied (Sri Lanka won the one-over eliminator)
Man of the Match: TM Dilshan
  • Angelo Mathews 12 * (11)

  Over 1.0   

Over 0.1 NL McCullum to DPMD Jayawardene1 run.

Nudges it through squareleg to open his account.

Over 0.2 NL McCullum to TM DilshanBoundary.

This is a quicker one down the legside and Dilshan sweeps it with the angle to fine leg for an easy boundary.

Over 0.3 NL McCullum to TM DilshanSixer.

Steps out and clobbers the flighted delivery over wide long on for maximum!!

Over 0.4 NL McCullum to TM Dilshanno runs.

Nudges the flighted delivery to backward point.

Over 0.5 NL McCullum to TM Dilshan2 runs.

Pulls the short ball to deep squareleg for a couple.

Over 0.6 NL McCullum to TM DilshanBoundary.

Steps out and lifts it towards long on for a one bounce boundary. Great start for SL!

  Over 2.0   

Over 1.1 KD Mills to DPMD Jayawardeneno runs.

Defends the length ball to the bowler.

Over 1.2 KD Mills to DPMD Jayawardeneno runs.

Comes forward and defends it to covers.

Over 1.3 KD Mills to DPMD Jayawardene1 run.

Defends the short ball infront of covers and steals a single.

Over 1.4 KD Mills to TM Dilshan1 run.

Punches the short ball to mid on and takes off for a risky run. There is a nasty collision between Dilshan and Nathan McCullum who was coming in from mid off to collect the throw!

Over 1.5 KD Mills to DPMD Jayawardene1 run.

Tucks the short ball through wide mid on for one.

Over 1.6 KD Mills to TM Dilshanno runs.

Punches the short ball to covers.

  Over 3.0   

Over 2.1 TG Southee to DPMD JayawardeneSixer.

Stays in the crease, lets the ball to come into him and then unleashes a stunning pick up shot which sails all the way flat over deep backward squareleg for maximum!

Over 2.2 TG Southee to DPMD Jayawardene1 run.

Tucks the short ball infront of squareleg for one.

Over 2.3 TG Southee to TM Dilshan1 run.

Inside edges his frontfoot drive behind squareleg for one.

Over 2.4 TG Southee to DPMD Jayawardene1 run.

Defends the short ball infront of covers and steals a single.

Over 2.5 TG Southee to TM Dilshan1 run.

Cuts the slower one behind point for one.

Over 2.6 TG Southee to DPMD Jayawardene1 run.

Steers the rising delivery behind point for one.

  Over 4.0   

Over 3.1 KD Mills to DPMD JayawardeneBoundary.

A near half volley from Mills and Mahela drives it to the left of mid off who is just a mere spectator to this lovely shot!

Over 3.2 KD Mills to DPMD Jayawardeneno runs.

Leaves the length ball with the swing outside off.

Over 3.3 KD Mills to DPMD JayawardeneSixer.

Jumps down the track and drives the length ball flat in the air inside out and the ball just sails over the ropes for a six!!

Over 3.4 KD Mills to DPMD Jayawardeneno runs.

Goes back and tucks the slower one to mid wicket.

Over 3.5 KD Mills to DPMD Jayawardene1 run.

Waits on the backfoot and tucks the slower one to square fine leg.

Over 3.6 KD Mills to TM Dilshan1 run.

Tucks the slower length ball through mid wicket for one.

  Over 5.0   

Over 4.1 TG Southee to TM DilshanSixer.

Another big hit from the Lankans! This is a slower one banged in at the middle of the pitch and Dilshan pulls it flat over deep mid wicket for a six!

Over 4.2 TG Southee to TM DilshanBoundary.

Width on offer and Dilshan cuts that short one fiercely through covers and the ball races away like a tracer bullet!!
Over 4.2 TG Southee to TM Dilshan1 Wide.
50 up for the Lankans as Southee bowls a high bouncer outside off which will be a wide.

Over 4.3 TG Southee to TM Dilshan1 run.

Tough caught and bowled put down by Southee. This pitched up delivery was smacked back uppishly to him and the ball just died down to the bowler.

Over 4.4 TG Southee to DPMD Jayawardenebeaten, no runs.

Stays back for a cut and is beaten by the lack of room. Southee's caught behind appeal is turned down.

Over 4.5 TG Southee to DPMD JayawardeneSixer.

Into the gallery for another six! This was a length ball angling and Mahela on the frontfoot whacked it wristily over deep wide mid wicket!

Over 4.6 TG Southee to DPMD Jayawardene1 run.

Drives the near yorker through covers for a single.

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