How mistakes forced Rahane to become a better slip ...

How mistakes forced Rahane to become a better slip fielder

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Published on: Aug 09, 2017

Apart from being a valuable Test batsman, Ajinkya Rahane has also turned himself into one of India's best slip fielders. Over the last year, he has taken over 20 catches, and a number of them in the slips.

Speaking to, Rahane revealed that it were his mistakes that made him improve. "As a slip fielder, long back when we used to play, I dropped a lot of catches in the slip cordon. But then I realised that this is wrong, I didn't feel right that someone asked me to move from a certain position, it hurt me and I started working on that aspect.”

He added that things changed during India’s tour of Sri Lanka in 2015. "Remember when we came last time to Sri Lanka, we had a discussion with our fielding coach (R Sridhar) and I decided that I will take 100 catches every (fielding) session and I want to be one of the best fielders in the slip cordon. So I was working and still working on it because I feel wickets like these (sic)... slip catching, short leg, silly point (positions) are very crucial," Rahane to

Rahane on his 132-run knock in the second Test at Colombo, he stated that it was one of his best innings against spinners, and added that he knew the pitch would misbehave after a while.

--By A Cricket Correspondent

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