Why are Cricket Fans so Crazy.?

Published on: May 18, 2022

When you just look at the figures, cricket is only second to soccer in terms of global appeal, with roughly 2.5 billion fans. The sport began in the 16th century in England. Cricket quickly expanded throughout the rest of the world. The Indian subcontinent, Australia, and New Zealand are the countries that have taken part in cricket the most and have some of the top cricket players and teams in the world. However, by far cricket is most popular in India as the main sport in the country.Cricket is a sport you don't want to miss out on, with a following in practically every country and a place on the international stage.

What are the game formats in cricket?

Test matches are the most traditional form of the game. They are generally played in an all-white kit over a maximum of five days, with both teams battling for two winnings. Limited overs games (50 overs and 20 overs) are the other two primary formats of international cricket. The sport has a men’s and women’s cricket league.

Two distinct World Cups are contested every two or four years in the men's game's shorter format. The ICC Cricket World Cup is a 50-over tournament that was first hosted in 1975 and is currently being played in England and Wales. After a nail-biting final against New Zealand that went to a Super Over, the hosts were victorious. Thus far the leading country is Australia's cricket team which has won the World Cup five times in total.

Additionally, in recent years women’s cricket has grown in popularity. Recently, more female players are getting professional contrast on both a domestic and international basis. Thus making the space more competitive.

Where to place bets on cricket online?

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